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Lifetime Planning for Cohabitants and Unmarried Couples

More couples in recent years are choosing cohabitation rather than marriage.  Many believe they have the same rights as married couples, however, this not true as the law does not treat cohabitants the same way as a spouse. There is no such thing as a ‘common law marriage’ and under the intestacy rules, the survivor
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Demand for new housing puts green belt land at risk

It seems government ministers are debating whether or not to build on green belt land to meet housing demands. This report in The Guardian states: “The number of homes being planned on green belt land in England has increased to more than 360,000, according to countryside campaigners, who fear ministers are poised to weaken protections
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Fear of solicitors is making a scammer’s job easier!

Chances are, at some point in your life you will have to employ the services of a solicitor.  But, it’s not something people generally relish!  We often come into a person’s life at a difficult or stressful time and, however much we try and put people at ease, there still seems to be a fear
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Could your home be sold from under your feet?

Imagine finding your house listed for auction on Rightmove and knowing nothing about it!  That’s exactly what happened to Mr. Minh To of Stockport. Following a call from his daughter asking why he was selling his house, Mr. To discovered his 5-bedroom Greater Manchester home was listed for auction just three days later.  BBC News
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Did you know – taking painkillers could get you banned for drug-driving?

We all know it’s illegal to drink and drive, or drive under the influence of illegal drugs – but did you know that the police can now charge you with drug-driving if you are considered unfit after taking certain prescription medicines? A new law introduced in March 2015, combined with the use of new roadside
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Are mortgage lenders relying too heavily on the Bank of Mum and Dad?

You may have seen the recent news reports that Barclays are bringing back the 100% mortgage – but in case you haven’t read the small print, it still relies on a hefty sum of money being put up as security by generous parents or grandparents. Once again, it seems the Bank of Mum and Dad
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Top tips for a smooth Yuletide move

It can be incredibly exciting moving home at Christmas. What better present than a shiny new house to wake up in on Christmas morning?  But it can also cause a lot of extra stress at an already hectic time of the year. If you haven’t yet started the purchase process, it is still possible to
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Affordable insurance for flood risk homes – how Flood Re will help

If you are considering purchasing a home within a known flood risk area, you may be worried about the cost of insuring your home against the devastating effects of flooding. With one in six homes in England now considered a flood-risk, it is a significant concern and something we are urging home buyers to take
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Could your new home be at risk of flooding?

The news has been full of reports in recent months of widespread flooding across the UK, showing in particular the devastation it causes to families when their homes are affected. Knowing whether a new home is liable to flooding is a growing concern for house purchasers, not only for the physical damage that can be
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Could the new, improved help-to-buy scheme help you?

Help-to-buy schemes are not a new idea, but significant changes are being made from April this year that mean more people could benefit. If you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford your own home, or take that all important first step to becoming a home owner, it could be worth considering. We’ve put
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